Long dreary road walking through  the forest unknown see the creatures climb watch them fall  then catch themselves in time before they injure themselves watch out they see you coming they are vicious creatures and don’t...


Painful forgotten memories fade like all things that end

Skim Where Did You Go?

I used to be a writer a person who wrote all the time never put the pen down never was I fine. Always had something to say Never could turn off my mind where the hell did it all go? Why can't i write like I used to? Poetry,...

Old Friend

Hello old friend We meet again at last. It's been but 30 years? How could time fly by so fast? sometimes I wonder from when At first we decided to part. Then I think back... It doesn't matter we are back to the start.

Lamp Post

single lamp post standing in the dead cold winter flames burning bright and hot lighting the way towards  anything that resembles a home

A break

So today I woke up and felt happy then later today I feel sad. It seems like I've been stuck in the house forever. Being a stay at home dad isn't what I thought it was going to be. I love my kids and all but I need to have a break. Some time for me to...

Mood Changes

One way this or another that I am happy here Sad there. No end to the mood changes  

Describe Depression

To accurately describe depression one must have depression. To begin I have major depression along with bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with major depression as a kid along with a few other things but that isn't related to this particular post. So...


Hatred consumes the soul,  corrupts the heart,  cages the mind  destroys the body and  kills friendships.  It’s a funny thing  how one word  One feeling  can destroy a whole world.

Bible Reading #1

  Psalms 32:1-5   “Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, blessed is the man whose sine the Lord does not count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit. When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day...

September 11, 2015 "Without Internet"

  Dear Thoughtsters,                   Today is another day of life without the internet. It’s a crazy boring life but its okay. Gives us a chance to live a little differently. Well today I went and had some blood work done to see if I am...

Will you Marry Me?

So  I started a new job yesterday. On that same day it decided to poor down rain and storm. The roads were flooded and I was infuriated because I don't like driving in the rain let alone driving at all. So I drove slowly all the way home after my job...

Writing Prompt #1

Describe a real made-up dream or nightmare. I dreamt the world was falling apart. Meteors were crashing into the city and people in robotic armor were walking the streets killing people. I was hiding in a side street in a pipeline ditch. The world...

Word of the day : Unfair

This life it is unfair I thought I had it all together then I become ensnared. Divide and conquer they said But divided we fell what a worthless idea It's all just unfair