First off I want to rant about this. I am tired of coming on this site after a time period of over a month and having 20 spam comments on all my posts. That really grinds my gears. IF THE OWNER OF THIS SITE ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING this site would be good to be on but no we have spammers on here.


Okay now that's over let's talk about other things. So as you know I've been in and out of the hospital because of my lungs having bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrom which hinders me useless in many aspects of life. Thank GOD I can still care for my daughter from day to day. To the point: I am in stable condition and they want to hold off on the lung transplantation. I half agree and half disagree. I understand their point of view but they have to understand mine. I am tired of living like this. I miss being able to do the things I used to do. Like hiking with my camera. Going on long walks having deep thought while listening to music. I miss being able to go outside and sit and enjoy the weather. I miss being able to run after my kids. I miss running.

Over time I've come to accept my situation and realize that there's nothing I can do at this time and that its the will of GOD that I am like this. If you don't believe in GOD then I am just living in a fucked up situation that is totally unfair. Whatever you believe, Yes it is unfair but I live with it. Nothing I can do. No reason to get mad now. Its happened and I can't change the fact that I'm sick and may be dying. I just want everyone that's supported me and who's been there from the beginning that I love you and I appreciate all that you have done for me over the years and my entire life.

My camera almost got ruined by water leaking onto it but I let it dry out and now it works. All I need to do is replace the LCD screen and have it cleaned up a bit and it will be good as new. I also restored my laptop but that is a whole other issue. In the process where I finally figured out how to restore it to Windows 10 factory settings I messed the computer up and now my mic doesn't work and won't recognize my external hard drive that has all my backed up data on it. I've went into where devices and printers is. It shows up there but it won't load to where I can access it. I don't know whats wrong there.

Going to the doc today. Have to get refills and figure out my back strain and my neuropathy in my hands that makes it difficult to type sometimes because I can't always feel the keyboard. I've become used to it and I can type pretty fast now but it still hinders my use of my hands at times.

Well that's my stuff for now. I'll try and update again tomorrow. =)

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