Medical update 1-16-17

Welcome to the new year! 2017! That's amazing we have made it thus far. Well so I never left an update of how the plasmapheresis went. Well that's because I don't know if it worked or not they have not told me. However the treatment process was pretty simple. They hooked me up to a machine;cycled my blood out and back in; then unhooked me and off to my hospital room I went. Now that's where it gets dicey. I didn't have a room to myself. It was a double room and I had to share it with the other tenant. The first one was pretty okay because he was taking care of himself and could get around and he'd talk to me. The second on however was bed wridden and didn't talk much more he slept than anything. I mean he wasn't a bad tenant, he was just more needy because I had to keep calling the nurse in for him because he didn't know how to use the remote and he couldn't take care of himself. This man went through a lot while I was there and it wasn't that great. It sucked hearing it. I felt bad for him, his family was nice though and I talked to them when they came in. All in all though the stay wasn't that bad. I had my laptop so I wasn't bored and I took regular naps throughout the day each day. I ate a lot of chicken salad too. I'm burned out on chicken salad for a while. I find out tomorrow I hope if the treatment went well or if I have to go through another round of it. They switched my medicaid to medicaid for the aged, blind, and disabled. So that's a good thing I suppose. Well I'll update more as I come into more news. I hope everyone has a happy new year!!!



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Comments (2)

  1. zoemariemorgan

    Sounds good so far. Sorry the stay was bad.

    January 17, 2017
  2. mort1947

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    June 06, 2017